Praise to the Band after the Lord Mayors Show

Video Clips

Congratulations on your performance at The Lord Mayors Show on Saturday - I was there and thoroughly enjoyed some "proper" bugle playing

 Roger C Steele,Concorde youth drum and bugle corps Sheffield 

Thank you and all the other folk for all your hard work saw the whole thing on TV last night I thought is looked and sounded great. Bring on the next event thanks once again.

Dave Hall

The band looked good in the Lord Mayor’s Show with a good exposure on the tellie! We look forward to some nice photos and a write-up for spring “Onlooker”. We’ve also just seen a small BB contingent at the Memorial Service at the Cenotaph. They also looked smart.

Rgds. Pat & Bob“Onlooker”.

Thank you to you and to all the BADOTSA instructors who have put so much time and effort into getting me up to scratch to play in the Band.  I have been 'living the dream' this year - Belgium and the LMS will be something I will never, ever forget in my 50th year.


A short note of thanks, for giving us the chance, to be part of your band yesterday; It has been the absolute highlight of my Band career and we will all remember the experience for many years. It was also a pleasure to meet the band members and be made to feel so welcome.

 Steve England

I just wanted to say thank you for organising the band to be able to play in the Lord Mayors Show.  I really enjoyed the day; it was a great experience. Just out of interest, what is the next event we hope to play at? Thank you, 

Thomas Mundell

What a great coverage you got on the TV this morning the band looked and played well excellent and well done

George Taggart, Captain 25th Belfast

Just a quick note to say it was great to see the Stedfast Association band on TV this weekend at the Lord Mayors Parade. I know you asked last year about the band performing at last year’s Showcase and unfortunately I was already committed to the 5th Elland BB old boys band, having booked them the previous autumn. They did a tremendous show and I wondered if we could possibly follow this up next June with another special performance from the Stedfast Band. It was great to see what looked like between 50 and 70 members parading on Saturday and supporting the BB by participating in an activity clearly they enjoy. Consequently could they be persuaded to come along to the Showcase on the 6th June next year as I’m sure this would be a great encouragement for all our younger Brigade band members, plus you might even get a few new recruits yourself.

 Ray Westbrook, Convener for the Brigades British Showcase Marching Band Championships

Dear all

 I think the consensus of opinion is that Saturday’s Show was one of the best in recent years.  Of course, the absence of rain helped, but you were all so enthusiastic and upbeat that I don’t think a drop of water would have made any difference to you. I hope you have all now recovered and are enjoying the plaudits that are doubtless coming your way and basking in the knowledge of a job well done.  For those of you who forget (or didn’t find the time!) to record the Show, remember it will be on BBC i-player for the next four weeks. In the meantime, thank you once again for your hard work and commitment.  Although I didn’t manage to locate everyone, I did make a point of trying to say hello to as many of you as possible on Saturday, which was a real delight.

 Helen Field  | Executive Assistant to Dominic Reid OBE | Pageant master

Just seen band in show and would like to congratulate them. Very well done

District Vice President, Basingstoke West District Scouts

Many thanks from the South Wales contingent; we have never been involved in anything like that before, a very special occasion for us all. Our special thanks to all who were involved in the preparation and organisation for the event, you all have the patience of saints, may you long continue to do so, also to David Kemp for his message to us all. What a wonderful bunch of men and women you band members are, thank you for your friendship.

Roy Meadows,

Just a brief note to thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into our participation in the LMS. It was a truly memorable experience, something that I will never forget. Many thanks.

Graham Spackman